The only margarita recipes you need for Cinco de Mayo

<p>A classic <a id=margarita on the rocks. Erin Wigger/Staff photographer 

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A classic margarita on the rocks. Erin Wigger/Staff photographer 

Cinco de Mayo is a celebration of the Mexican army’s victory over France in 1862, according to

This celebration is a good way to embrace Mexican heritage, eat delicious food and, of course, drink margaritas. 

Original margarita recipe:

Because some of us just like traditional-style margaritas, click here for a super simple drink idea that doesn’t require a store-bought mix.

Margarita-inspired desserts:

  • Margarita ice cream — Just when you thought margaritas couldn’t get any better, they turned into a dessert.
  • Strawberry margarita cupcakes — This recipe takes cupcakes to a whole new level. 
  • Margarita gummies — This recipe is pretty tricky, but if you get it right this is sure to be a treat.
  • Margarita cake — The best birthday cake for adults. 
  • Margarita popsicle — If you remember to prepare this ahead of time, it’s surely a refreshing treat everyone will enjoy. 

Non-traditional margarita drinks:

Check out our Pinterest board for more margarita-esque recipes.

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