District 74 hires new technology director

LINCOLNWOOD — Lincolnwood School District 74 hired a new director of technology this week to replace Jennifer Anderson, who worked for the school district for about a year before resigning from the position in November.

Courtney Lee Adams comes to District 74 from Medinah Elementary School District 11 near Schaumburg, where she taught science, social studies and technology-arts since 1997 before becoming the assistant principal of Medinah Middle School.

Adams, who started her new position Jan. 13, will take over for Anderson to manage technology initiatives for the school district, including the 1:1 iPad initiative at Lincoln Hall School, which has equipped all middle school students with iPads during the last three years.

As director of technology, Adams will also work with teachers and administrators to integrate technology initiatives like interactive whiteboards and projectors into classroom curriculum. She’ll also manage the district’s technology infrastructure and oversee the district’s technology team.

An entire shift in thinking about technology has taken place during the last few years at District 74, especially at Lincoln Hall, where Microsoft Word and other “standalone” computer software has already been replaced with cloud-based software like Google Docs, which saves and sends documents via a virtual cloud.

At Rutledge Hall and Todd Hall, the younger students are being exposed to new types of technology with SMART Boards, or interactive white boards that are used in most classrooms, and the teachers use iPads to teach lessons in class.

Adams said her interest in technology is rooted in its capability to help students reach a larger audience outside classroom walls.

“Integrating technology into learning is exciting because it’s pervasive and it’s always evolving,” Adams said. “I’m especially intrigued by technology’s ability to transform the classroom by helping kids take information in through research, web sites and streaming videos.“

District 74 Superintendent Joseph Bailey, who also joined the school district this school year, said he was thrilled to have Adams as the new technology director.

“The director of technology is an integral and vital position to the district,” Bailey said. “The district has worked very hard to make sure we’re at the forefront of technology, and that our students understand how technology can be a valuable tool in their learning process.”

The school board last week approved a $94,000 salary for Adams under a contract that is up for renewal at the end of June of this year.

Adams has a master’s in education and curriculum and a master’s in educational leadership from North Central College and a bachelor’s in elementary education from Illinois Wesleyan University.


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